21st of December 2012 – What’s going to happen?

Where to start on this one… this really is a matter of opinion more than a factual based study or research. So many over time have done research on this, dug in our history etc… there is a lot of data out there. However, in our view, each and every time it comes back to one essential things, it’s really a matter of opinion and this is why we want to start this off with:

“We create our tomorrow”

and a quote by Alan Kay (ignoring his potential background)
“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Let’s just take a look at that, when you WANT something… you either go and get it, or build it or find some other way of manifesting that WANT?! Whether or not we like it or even believe it, we have this incredible power to create and manifest what we believe and think, even scientifically it has been proven that thoughts, emotions and expressions have a measurable impact on our surrounding and can even change the behaviours of a cell… yes! It has also been proven that there is a link or connection or whatever you like to call it between us and everything around us… some may call this the cosmic mind or collective thinking or similar, but it’s demonstrating that one individual can think something on one side of the planet and another individual on the other side can pick up on that… But let’s not go into that too much right now as we are actually trying to present our view on the 2012 subject;

In the past there were people who dreamed of new means of transport, communication and so on, as we went along bit by bit all these ideas, thoughts and dreams developed into a reality that we were eventually able to use… This is nothing new! It also should not be anything new to you that things are happening or moving faster and faster… it would seem that where first it took year and years to develop a plane or train or even something not so physical like a group or organization or a movement took YEARS….
Now, it’s much more like Months, Weeks, Days, even Hours and Minutes in some cases…

Our conclusion is that it’s becoming increasingly IMPORTANT what you think and what you create or project in your mind, as there is a high chance it will manifest itself…
If what we have just said is in anyway real or true to you, then when we say that we create our tomorrow, gets a whole new perspective.
Let’s think POSITIVE, let’s believe in the GOOD and spread LOVE! Unless of course you want to create something different to that…
The media and so many things surrounding us will make us believe and imagine the worst for 2012… Scenarios we will not even mention on here as we do NOT want to put that in words!

Our final THOUGHT is:

It will be a NEW BEGINNING, the finding of our TRUE nature and the full EXPOSURE of suppression and control. We think that it will be the EVOLUTION stepping stone in the GROWING of OURSELVES and our UNDERSTANDING of this WORLD, the UNIVERSE and ENERGY!
We believe that the more think and feel this way, this will be the outcome! Nothing as such may actually happen on that date… We feel that 2012 is already HAPPENING… more and more individuals have already stopped to believe and consume just anything, realised that there is more than just the “body” or have even reverted back an alternative way of living and back to basics ;)

What can you do?!

  • START to think, behave, act and believe positive!!!
  • Spread and share the positive!!!
  • Try to STOP watching and/or letting the BAD news influence you!!!

That is it… that is our opinion: and at this point we strongly suggest for you to go and see THRIVE if you haven’t already and checkout some of the little movies made by the Spirit Science! (included below)


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