… IMAGINE … you could cure just about anything… Forget it ?!?

That is exactly what we thought at first, but curiosity got the better of us and we tried it.

NOT on everything of course, but what we did try worked INSTANTLY and HEALED 100%

We at WakeUp! Message, would like to show you the Power Tube (Quick Zap), we came across this a while back and thought it looked and sounded more than just interesting… The simple concept of healing by focusing on the HEALTH instead of the PAIN or PROBLEM just felt so RIGHT.

So… we copied this presentation and introduction to share with all of you!

High-frequency TENS Therapy-Technology / The Power Tube (Quick Zap)
A Presentation by Martin Frischknecht

Make sure to go and see their site:

PART 1 – Introduction
PART 2 – How it works
PART 3 – How to do it

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