Alternative Healing or Medicine – What’s better?

Alternative healing or medicine…. Alternative compared to what or WHO…? ;) notice the irony…

Let’s just start with Wikipedia… What does it mean… “Alternative medicine is any practice claiming to heal “that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine.” It may be based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence.”

As per any dictionary, “alternative” can mean one of two things…
1. Offering or expressing a choice or
2. Different from the usual or conventional.

To continue on this path… the question comes about; Different to what or by what “usual” and conventional, even as per whom’s sanction or agreement? We for one… Prefer the first definition :) it’s a choice.

Coming back to the topic a bit more though, medicine as such is governed by institutions called health care systems and health care systems are normally linked to the government and the definition of what a good health care system is and the rules it should follow, is grounded by the WHO (World Health Organisation) which as it happens is a specialised agency of the UN (United Nations) which if you dig a bit will link back to the League of Nations and even find that families such as the Rothschilds and Rockefellers are involved in (as with many other things).

More as a funny but TRUE side note: Here is the definition of Government:


So, let us ask the question again… Alternative compared to what or who? By now we for one, had our answer. :)

What we would also like to mention is that in wikipedia it mentions that alternative healing or medicine, may be based on historical or cultural traditions, rather than on scientific evidence…. But that’s not due to the lack of people trying, to get it tested and scientifically approved. But usually the “government” doesn’t have time for that…  Even when the results and research made on some are so compelling and provide more than a good case for a governmental cross check (in some cases even officially trained and approved scientists have already done scientific testing and provided evidential facts) but as long as it does not have an “official” stamp on it by the institution that defines medicine, it’s considered alternative and laughed at.

We think one also needs to look at the potential risk and loss factor involved, if suddenly a cup of parsley and a bit of frequency generation could kill and eliminate 90% of all illnesses including HIV, Cancer and Hepatitis etc… The government and the Pharma industry would lose millions and millions and millions, not to mention the complete collapse of the system! So who’s interest is it to keep alternative “alternative”?!

KEY Difference between Alternative Healing and the Common Medicine is;

Medicine’s FOCUS is on the ILLNESS or PROBLEM itself!
Alternative’s FOCUS is on the HEALTH of the individual and HEALING!

The focus and energy is aimed and concentrated in two complete opposite factors. By putting more and more focus on the illness or the issue, you keep giving it “energy”… on the other hand by focusing and concentrating your efforts into health and well-being you are giving your energy to the HEALTH!
We would say that the Medicine as we commonly know it, is a bit like the Police, it’s all focused on STOP and NO and not really working on a solution or improvement.

Alternative Healing, encompasses a lot, there a mass variety of different methods used, all of which exclude the intake of medicine or medical prescriptions. It can range from drinking distilled water (as that can cleanse you and improve your well-being) to usage of crystals, or magnets, or impulses, herbs, vitamins, massage techniques, laying on hands, use of none physical energy and even eating the right foods… this list goes on for much much longer, but all have one thing in common, YOUR HEALTH!

Here some really interesting Alternative Healing & Medicine we thought you may enjoy as much as we did:

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