How to bring about change

This is yet another subject that I keep coming across and you could even say “bump into”… In the media, with collegues, friends, family and on the web.
In actual fact, this very “issue” is what has kept us so “quiet” for a while… which is funny in a way becasue I made it before the “event” and not after.

Now, I don’t claim to know what the best way is to change everything or even have the actual solution or plan, but I do know that change starts with YOU and I.
There is no need for a “conflict” on what is or isn’t the best way to approach this, important is that you DO what you can.

Blessings & Love

Fooling the fools…

Here is a subject that is very dear to my heart and I feel more people should spend a bit of time thinking about this and analysing this for themselves…

It’s all about “fooling the fools“… question everything, don’t assume that just because some of the information is good… that the real intentions behind it are good too… I do not intend to “finger-point” at any specific group or groups… I think you need to figure that out yourself ;)


The Organic Misconceptions

“Of course there are lots and lots of reasons to eat Organic, I’m also aware that in certain countries “Organic” no longer or never really was 100% organic (in the US they can even use GMO components it seems). Of course the purest food is if you were to cultivate your own seeds and then grow them and consume only that (in a natural non pesticide or chemtrail environment), however if you can’t do that Organic is probably the closest you will get to natural food.