Is Comet ISON the biggest False Flag yet?

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Let us start by saying that we are NOT scientists, astronomers or even individuals with a particular background on this subject. We are not saying this is true, but we have simply considered the possibility;


Why would we even come to such a assumption… well, whilst having read hundreds of articles, blogs and posts, as well as having watched numerous short and long videos from different sources on the topic of ISON, but also looking at everything else, that has been and still is going on around the world and particularly in the US, here are some things that made us think:

  1. There is an incredible amount of “hype” and “fear” spreading about ISON.
  2. When comparing this to what is to be found on other corners of our lovely planet, it’s clearly dominant in the US. Not saying there is no “talk” of it elsewhere, but considering there is some really good astronomers and scientists spread across the world, it’s rather silent compared to what is coming from US, in particularly on the “fear factor”.
  3. The US Government really seems to be at it’s wits’ end, if not to say desperate on numerous aspects. We are not saying that any other governments are any better in any way, shape or form, but in the US it really seems “critical” at the moment. Taking a more external look at the situations, the modern term “WTF” is rather flattering.
  4. For the US Government, even if not outspoken about by many, it would seem that False-Flag operations are really just a daily occupation, whether one is a conspiracy theorist or not.
  5. Taking all the “dumming-down”, if not “eradicating” efforts made against the people with things like fluoridation, GMO, aspartame, vaccines, pharma-medication etc… just take the example of the public and blunt statements made by Bill Gates on TED. There is a clear effort in the destruction of the population and not it’s support.
  6. All the preparations made by FEMA, the bunkers and tunnels, underground cities in mountains and under airports, removing guns from the people but at the same time stocking up on their end, so on and so forth…

All this and more, made us ask the question… All that, for just a few “elite” people to go and hide when the “apocalypse” is near? No… that doesn’t make sense!

So we came to think… how about, if all these things were made for you and not for them? How about, if they want you to know about all this, in a sense; the bigger the lie the more will believe it and let the free and creative minds make up their own horror scenarios?!?

Now, we are not saying that there is no Comet ISON… we have also seen some very compelling evidence, but what if they are using Comet ISON to scare the people.
Provide pictures that are “strange” and keep the information “hidden” and “flawed” as for more and more people to conspire on what it could be, what could happen and drive themselves into the believe of a mega catastrophe, not to say, the End of the World.
So that, when the THE DAY nears, people will be so freaked, in panic and “lost”, they can finally implement the so long and hard planned Martial-Law. Even march people, by free will, directly into the FEMA camps, bunkers and tunnels for “protection” from ISON. Where god forbid, there may just be a gas leakage, a virus or some other horrible scenario.


Considering the somewhat more “crazy” conspiracy theories, things like the HAARP or ProjectBlueBeam, Alien Technology, if not¬†Allegiance may certainly come in handy for such a False-Flag event…

On a closing note… If ISON is real and earth does get hit by it’s debris or even if it’s some mysterious planet or aliens or something else… you would be silly not to prepare yourself, at least so much so as to bring you the peace of mind that you have done everything you possibly can or think is right and be able to continue with your life, now.
On the other hand, yes, if it’s End of the World, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it. But stopping in your tracks now, is giving up and giving up is dying. You might as well take the “movie” ending and do it like a hero, but most certainly don’t go into hiding, especially if it was built by your Governments years in advance...
For those whom this may serve as a reminder, it’s normally the expectations that we set, that are the danger, cause when you have no expectations, things can’t go wrong.
At last, you are not just a physical body and life will continue just as it has for so many cycles, regardless! ;)


Addition: This is rather interesting, after having written this article we went to search if others had thought about this in the same lines or felt something is “fishy”… and we are clearly not the only ones to have come to this thought. See here two interesting links to watch and listen (there is of course more but just to get you see some additional other view points on all this):

James M. McCanney :

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