Fluoride… is it really Toxic?

Right… now here we have another controversial subject… is Fluoride really bad or not, you’ll actually find about 50:50 on each side of this subject matter, question is which arguments will convince you of the truth at the end… Will you believe the blunt statements of the “pro” that just say, it’s toxic, but only in higher doses and in low doses it’s good for your teeth, regardless if drinking it doesn’t actually bring it in much contact with your teeth but more your digestive system… or will you believe the statement of the “anti” that put effort and time into researching this subject and testing the substance etc… up to you we say.

Within our own circle this has brought about a lot of discussion, the end result was that we all agree (regardless of the quantity) it is in fact a “Toxic” substance and if brushing your teeth with some is still deemed ok by some of us we all agree that “drinking it” is NOT!

You will find that we have not added all that many links on this subject, this is because we feel you should really go and form your own opinion, just Google it and then follow your fingertip ;)

If you do research this subject, in Wikipedia for example, don’t just search “Fluoride” but also “Fluorine” and “Fluoride toxicity”, also make sure you actually read it all (scroll down further and get the additional facts).

Also note that there are lots of countries that have voted against Fluoride to be added to water! Why would that be….?
As additional teaser… try researching fluoride and the effects on the pineal gland… ;)

What can you do?!

  • STOP drinking tap water and bottled water that says that it contains Fluoride or those that say nothing at all…
  • Get involved in petitions or groups working on stopping and exposing Fluoride, again there are lots out there!
  • Filter your water… there are filters that will remove the Fluoride (best is distilled water… also see our Need 2 Know on that subject)
  • And as always… Share what you know and especially if it will make you feel better!

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