Good Bye Facebook – Hello Life!

Last week we took the decision to CLOSE our Facebook Page and today we clicked that button! (It will remain another 14 days now… as we might just change our minds…)

wakeup_standupWhy would we do that? Well, the very principle of Wake Up! Message and why we initially opened a Facebook account is in essence the very reason for also closing it again… :) We know this may sound a bit odd at first. Simply put, we do not really support the way Facebook is being used and run, it’s not idea of such a platform that concerns us, but more it’s application.

In addition to that, we want to focus more of our energy and time in our videos, Need to Know topics, our Blog and YOU :) Facebook, took a lot of our time but was always very superficial, which is not our goal.

Here are some short videos that we found “inspiring” in a way and thought they may also provide you with some thoughts on whether or not to keep Facebook! (With the ones you Love you can share in person, phone, mail… even FaceTime :) and to make new friends… try the door and if your outside, look up)

As some wondered… NO, we are NOT “giving up”, or “throwing the towel”! Very much the contrary!
We are just stopping, quitting, closing our “Facebook Page” (it’s just a facebooke page and nothing more).

Wake Up! Message 

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