Help yourself! Drink Distilled Water (Why?)

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We felt this is an important subject to bring up and felt it earned its place in our Need to Know, as its directly linked to your health and well being and for some maybe even to their spiritual development.

Maybe you ask yourself why… let’s start with some basic facts and common knowledge; You know that water is essential to us for our survival, that’s most likely due to the fact that 70% of your body is made of water. Water is probably about the second most important element just after air (oxygen) and a less commonly known fact, is that 2/3 of your oxygen in your body’s cells actually comes from water you consume and only 1/3 from the air you breath… You probably also know that you can live up to 4 (even 6 weeks) without food, whereas with water that would be a lot less anywhere from 8 to 14 days… Water also helps to protect and moistens your tissue (such as eyes, mouth, nose), helps you regulate your body temperature, lubricates joints, lessens the burden on your kidneys and liver by flushing out waste products, helps to dissolve minerals and nutrients making them available to your body in general and transporting them to cells and the list goes on. Putting it simple, water is very important.

Now, the only water that is 100% (99.9%) pure is distilled water, that is a fact, it is so pure that it’s even called “dead water” (which is really a silly term). This is also the reason why whenever there is the need for “pure water” in the science community and others, distilled water is used! Here are some charts comparing the different water filtration systems including bottled water. (Please note that it is not our intent to advertise, but we did use some already created tables for this).

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Myths about distilled water… There are a lot of myths about distilled water, most of them not taking the full picture into view or simply lies in order to promote “Tap Water” or “Bottled Water” etc… depending on which community or industry you talk to. The myths range from, “long term use of distilled water weakens your teeth” to “distilled water is an active absorber and absorbs carbon dioxide on contact with air, making it acidic”… or even things such as “cooking foods in distilled water pulls the minerals out of them and lowers their nutrient value” to crazy like “distilled water washes minerals from your bones and cells, and causes mineral deficiencies because it lacks the minerals found in other types of water”.
Yap, it’s all out there, as usual and some of you may even be laughing now, but it’s true, this is what some of us are made to believe!

We are sure you will find out a lot more about all this with a bit of searching and googeling : Fact is, the best water you can drink is distilled water and making your own distilled water will not make you susceptible to any intoxications or other threats… you could literally take water from a black puddle in the city, distil it and you would be drinking the purest water there is!

Distilled water will NOT HARM YOU in anyway! EVERYTHING you hear or read about that is just NOT TRUE, it’s miss-information and badly spread lies that have become part of the “common knowledge”. If you take the time and you really put aside all your preconceptions on this subject and just do your research (actual research… not asking someone else or watching more videos) you will soon come to find that each “anti-distilled water” statement has actually been “debunked” on a very logical and simple way.

Distilled water is currently the BEST WATER available to you, with AMAZING HEALTH effects, nearing on “Wonders”. It’s not just because of the Fluoride, Chlorine and other Cleansing Agents that is in your water!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT, go an buy your “Distilled Water” in plastic jugs from the Hardware store or Shopping Centre (you do NOT know if it’s truly distilled water and you do NOT know if they have done something to it, not mentioning the fact that it’s in plastic BPA bottles!).
Also, NEVER CONFUSE “Demineralized Water” with “Distilled Water”!

What can you do?!

  • Get yourself a water distiller, there are lots of really good ones out there (most of us use the “Waterwise” ones)
  • Reverse Osmosis is also not bad ;) but distilled water is 100% (you can even build your own distiller, just google it)
  • Don’t fall for things like “add chloride to your water” … ;)
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