HELP YOURSELF! Drink Distilled Water…

Myths about distilled water… There are a lot of myths about distilled water, most of them not taking the full picture into view or simply lies in order to promote “Tap Water” and “Bottled Water” or some other “purification / improvement” method, sort of depending as to which community or industry you are getting your information from.

Distilled water will NOT HARM YOU in anyway! EVERYTHING you hear or read about that is just NOT TRUE, it’s miss-information and badly spread lies that have become part of the “common knowledge”. If you take the time and you really put aside all your preconceptions on this subject and just do your research (actual research… not asking someone else or watching more videos) you will soon come to find that each “anti-distilled water” statement has actually been “debunked” on a very logical and simple way.

Distilled water is currently the BEST WATER available to you, with AMAZING HEALTH effects, nearing on “Wonders”. It’s not just because of the Fluoride, Chlorine and other Cleansing Agents that is in your water!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please DO NOT, go an buy your “Distilled Water” in plastic jugs from the Hardware store or Shopping Centre (you do NOT know if it’s truly distilled water and you do NOT know if they have done something to it, not mentioning the fact that it’s in plastic BPA bottles!). Also, NEVER CONFUSE “Demineralized Water” with “Distilled Water”!

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and there is a LOT MORE ;)


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