I do NOT believe, because believe is hope, and hope is an awaiting state, which leads to expectation.
I have no expectation.

I know and trust, I trust you. I trust us, and I trust all!

All good knowledge, technologies and creation can be applied in two ways,
for survival and against survival.
Knowledge is power, if applied pro survival.
Technologies are enhancers, if applied for survival.
All creations are good, when applied to enhance survival.

Understand that matter, energy, space and time are only of joy, pleasure and beauty,
because you decide it is.
It is NOT a question of Spirituality vs. Materialism, as Matter, energy, space and time are only a consideration, a manifestation of the spirit, you.

If you want to continue to enjoy the marvels of all these things, you need to
Wake Up to the understanding that;
There are some who do not want you to thrive.
They are applying knowledge to rob you of yours,
Technologies to create fear, danger and destruction,
and creations to limit and diminish growth.

You are being manipulated, so wake up, as no one can awaken you, but yourself.
I know and trust you. I trust us, and I trust all!

Wake Up! Observe the happenings around you, come to understand and make the change in yourself required to be that what you thrive.
In order to stop them before its too late, you do not need to fight, you do not need to revolt.
All you need to do is:
Identify, expose and share.
The only power anyone or anything has over you is the power you have granted.

STOP believing and hoping,
these are not actions but states created to prevent you from achieving
actual results.

Awaken now,
I trust you, I trust us and I trust all.

Some of my thoughts that I wanted to share with you all, yours,

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