The TRUE face of Nestlé – INSANITY is a light term!

If you have not seen this yet… then you must see and hear it for yourself!

When Peter Brabeck (one of the bosses) speaks about how “stupid” people are being for liking, using and supporting Organic or how nature being good is a miss conception, it will start to make you think a bit…
But when he then moves onto to saying that Genetically Modified Food (Franken Food or GM Food) is GOOD for you and that it has not “hurt” anyone… you really start thinking about their Agenda! Especially with the current situation in the EU and Monsanto pushing for GM Food again!
However, to top this off… he starts calling you a “cattle” and makes fun of the idea that every human should have a right to water… Considering that Nestlé is a know for taking water in the really poor countries and selling it As Is in the western world… is one side of the story, that they are actually taking this water from the lake that the locals there could use to survive… and not granting them access but trying to sell them their own water in plastic bottles is sick.

Peter Brabeck is INSANE and should be arrested!

See for yourself!

listen closely… he manages to keep a straight face…

just to put it simple

Bottled Life… now this is a documentary that everyone should watch!

Just STOP Consuming!


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