Wake Up! SAY NO TO GMO! You are being lied to…

Sorry, is there GMO in this or NOT?

OMG, this whole GMO topic has been going on for so long now, some may not even realise how many years it’s now been, that different groups, individuals and even states have been fighting against GMO!
WHY, is it still around though… SHOCKING if you start thinking about it.
It’s been proven over and over again that it’s really NOT GOOD FOR YOU! If not to say, it will kill you with time.

Just the other day, for example, we stumbled across this contradiction… in the UK it’s claimed that all GMO food needs to be labelled and many seem to believe that this is in place… We would tend to do disagree with that. What they are really doing, is saying when something is GMO FREE… or have you seen a label saying “This contains GMO”? Applying that logic… anything that doesn’t say it’s “GMO FREE” contains GMO!

Here is another funny thing on that… if you go to the UK Greenpeace site, you will find that they have removed the GMO Shoppers Guide with the reasoning, we quote “subsequent EU legislation means that all products containing GM material need to be clearly labelled, which has made our Guide pretty much defunct.” … look at the picture on there… exactly what we just mentioned, we are only being told when there is “NO GMO”… and NOT when there “IS GMO”.
The same is happening in France and many other countries, looking at some of the feedback that we have received from all over the world.
We would like to highlight France here, because Greenpeace France, has NOT yet given up on the GMO Shoppers Guide (French). What we find even more interesting, is when you start looking at that guide and find HOW much stuff has GMO inside!!! Forgetting the not so commonly known companies and scrolling down past all the meet and cheese, look for Nestlé (baby-foods), serials like Weetabix or Danone yogurts etc…
NOW… do we really want to believe that all this food is produced differently in the different countries in Europe… most likely not… we could probably agree that there may be differences between the US and Europe for example but NOT within Europe, they even use the same factories.

All in all, it’s not through yet and the best way to STOP it, is to STOP consuming it, just say NO like this guy here;

You can also refer back to some of our older atricles about this… when asking yourself the question why it’s still around, you must understand the history of who is behind this… OMG!GMO (Monsanot Exposed) or even what GMO really is… Need to Know – GMO (Genetically Modified Organism)

So… we say… WAKE UP!
Wake Up! Those dear to you and everyone you meet really, because it’s really NOT GOOD FOR YOU!

On that note, just remember or read our article on “JUST STOP“.


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